Maryland Bail Laws

Maryland Bail Laws

Bail Laws In Maryland

In the state of Maryland the bail system works by releasing a person accused of a crime from jail in exchange for money that the court holds until the case, and all associated charges, are resolved. The court uses the money as collateral, which is a monetary guarantee, that the accused will not flee the jurisdiction which is usually the state. In MD criminal and DUI cases Maryland is the jurisdiction. If you skip town then you lose the money and have the added pain of even more criminal charges. Fleeing is absolutely the worst thing you can do in a case such as this as a bench warrant will be issued and you will spend your life looking over your shoulder for the cops. Our Rockville criminal defense lawyers can help you through this. They can help if you are out on bail waiting to go to court as well as resolving bench warrants if you took off after arranging bail.

The Bail Process In Maryland

The Maryland bail system begins working once a suspect has been arrested and taken to the police station and or jail. Once booked, you typically have to wait for a bail hearing. The amount (cost) of bail is determined by the judge will depend on a few different factors such as the crime you are being charged with, the suspect’s previous criminal history, ties to the community, and whether violence was involved. The cost of bail is up to the judge exclusively so it is a wise move to not irritate or defy him or her.

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